Enabling LNG, Hydrogen & Energy trends refers to the global sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption — including oil,  natural gas and coal — to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as lithium-ion batteries.

This increasing penetration of renewable energy into the energy supply mix, the onset of electrification and improvements in energy storage are all key drivers of the energy trends.



This year’s FIN Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition is taking place in London. Building on the successes recorded from previous editions of the event which has had groundbreaking growth. The event has grown to become a very important meeting and market place for global Oil & Gas stakeholders. 

 FIN Oil & Gas Conference & exhibition will provide a premier platform to debate, discuss and examine very important challenges as nations works to close the gap of decline in production, oil theft, Liquefied Natural Gas  expand and promote exploration, reach fuel-independency via large scale investments in refining capacity, diversify economy and ensure a just energy transition by developing natural gas resources and other alternative energy resources.

 FIN Oil & Gas Conference & exhibition  will host senior Oil & Gas executives, policy makers, strategists and experts from the international energy industry,  LNG industry, featuring both local & International chief executives,governments,  ministers and other industry leaders, who will discuss how the LNG & energy  business is adapting to this changing landscape, how to develop new strategies, forging new partnerships, and above all harnessing new technologies – including AI, digitization and robotics – to improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Attendees at this year’s edition of the event will benefit from a wide range of industry-advancing 


This event will be one of the largest Oil & Gas Conference & exhibition with over 2000 participants expected from across the globe. It will be a stop shop where institutions, investors and consumers can access the latest innovations that will underpin the next phase of energy innovation and transformation.

It will also provide the needed platform for Oil & Gas companies and agencies  to interface with consumers and policy makers so as to enhance seamless and secured transactions/partnerships across continents/countries with minimal disruptions. It will foster collaboration and debate on key topics including efficient and fair regulation.

  • Panel sessions
  • In-conversations 
  • Keynote addresses from respected industry leaders
  • Dynamic live round-tables (Q&A)
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Exhibitions
  • Forbes Best of Africa Awards
  • Deal rooms 
  • Pre-arranged One-on-one meetings


The Conference will have the following sessions:

  • Energy Trends
  • Lng & Energy Trends
  • Tackling Oil And Gas Theft.
  • New Economic Diversification.
  • Oil Technology In A Digital Age.
  • Women In  The Energy  Sector.
  • Emerging Market In The Oil & Gas Markets.
  • Local Content And Human Capacity Building
  • Future Technologies And Infrastructural Developments
  • Energy Transition Drivers And The Outlook For Demands
  • Technology Transfer In The Energy Sector: The Challenges
  • Energy Transition – Challenges And Financial Opportunities
  • The Keys To Maintaining Financial Growth In The Energy Industry
  • Implementing Robust And Lucrative Project Financing Structures In An Increasing Volatile Market

Amongst other latest developments aimed at strengthening the development of global largest producers of oil and gas.


  • Seeks greater collaboration in inter-continental trade.
  • Added-value research and viewpoints in the delegate documentation.
  • Illuminating debates with more structured discussion time scheduled over the two days event.
  • To capitalize on FIN’s  position as the Engine of Africa’s Growth with respect to trade and energy security. 
  • To raise financing for partner brands and regional energy projects and add value to existing developments.
  • Gaining new perspectives by hearing distinguished speakers and panelists address relevant, timely topics
  • To provide insight into key areas of investment across the hydrocarbons, renewable energy, and power sectors.  
  • To strengthen capacity building across  nations domestic and international energy sector business development.
  • To reaffirm FIN as the official energy event discussing Africa’s energy transition progress, challenges and opportunities.
  • To provide the single biggest and most impactful platform for deal making and partnerships in the global oil and gas sector.
  • Effective networking opportunities with fellow energy and finance industry leaders at a gathering large enough to be powerful, yet small enough to be intimate.
  • An information download that will provide a clear perspective upon which to build your own strategies for success.
  • Honoring leading oil and Gas brands and personalities with a Forbes Best of Africa Awards during the prestigious FIN/Forbes gala and dinner reception.
  • Develop greater capacity among players in the areas of technology, refining capacity and value chain.
  • The Conference will provide an opportunity for the interchange of ideas on latest technologies, high-level networking, and most importantly, one-to-one business meetings between decision makers and top-tier solution providers and players in the gas eco-system.


  • Engine of African Growth & Development.

FIN is pivotal to the energy security of its neighbors, and holds a unique position at the threshold of the global market.

  • Economic Opportunities

 FIN Oil & Gas Conference & exhibition sets the stage for growth through energy development, promoting opportunities across key sectors including oil, gas, power, infrastructure, and technology.

  • An Established Community

With a strong community of regional and international stakeholders, FIN Oil & Gas Conference & exhibition is committed to attracting new investment and participation in  transforming the nation’s economic landscape.

  • Industry Innovation

Coupled with emerging markets and business developments, FIN energyevent serves as a  platform  for expansion into the energy industry, in all its forms.


  1. Energy Transition
  2. Energy Transition – Challenges and Financial Opportunities
  3. The Keys to Maintaining Financial Growth in the Energy Industry
  4. Implementing robust and lucrative Project financing structures in an increasing volatile market
  5. Energy Transition Drivers and the Outlook for Demands
  6. New economic diversification.
  7. The Oil Technology in a digital age.
  8. Future Technologies and infrastructural developments
  9. Technology Transfer in the Energy sector: The challenges
  10. Local content and human capacity building.





Foreign Investment Network (FIN) United Kingdom is a global consulting company established in 2001, with an Africa regional office in Nigeria. We are publishers of the foremost investment magazine, FIN Magazine, which is the pride of investors, published in English, French and Chinese and circulated globally.  Using our international conferences, business and investment roundtable meetings and international exhibitions, FIN, a strategic marketer of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has assisted many developing economies particularly in Africa to attract quality FDI and infrastructure financing. 

FIN enjoys a long standing business relationship with many international institutional investors. FIN has a rich track record of connecting people and attracting investments which spans over 30 years with verifiable projects and events successfully executed across several parts of the globe. 

Due to the quality of our magazine content and research details, FIN enjoys a long  and strong relationship with the international media and was appointed a representative of Forbes in Africa. FIN mandates include:

  • Organizing Conferences, Seminars, Training, Exhibitions/Expos, Shows, Trade visit…
  • Mergers/Acquisition
  • Media Campaign
  • FIN awards and recognition
  • Forbes Best of Africa Awards
  • State Government Promotion
  • Consulting & advisory services 
  • Fostering partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Business development  for governments and global brands 
  • Private and Government business promotion through our media platforms
  • Project Financing, and securing of investment for governments and country
  • Lobbying: Our lobbying reach is global, and covers HNIs, top personalities from the Presidents, governments, ambassadors, captains of industries, philanthropists, global organizations and institutions to industry associations and various government offices.Our mantra is always to ‘get things done’. We focus on delivering swift win-win results for our partners. Our secret sauce involves pitching and communicating value to all stakeholders necessary, to get the deal done

The objective is to supply strategic end communication that acts as a catalyst on sector growth and investment.


  1. Fin Africa-Uae Trade And Investment Forum United Arab Emirates (Uae) Burj Al Arab. Dubai, December,2022.
  2. Power Africa: International Trade Investments Forum And Awards Reception The Theater 2 Columbus Circle September, 2022
  3. Fin International Energy Summit & Award Reception October, 2022. London, United Kingdom.
  4. Banking On Emerging Markets Forum And Euroknowledge Award Reception, October, 2022. Washington Dc, Usa
  5. Second Africa Cashless Payment Systems Conference, November, 2022. Transcorp Hilton, Abuja Nigeria.
  6. Euroknowledge Leadership And Philanthropy Round Table And Award Reception, 29 October 2021, House Of Lords, London Uk
  7. The Future Of Oil And Gas In A Digital Economy. November, 2021 Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town – South Africa.
  8. Food Security And Global Ecological Threats. November, 2021, Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape ,– South Africa.
  9. Post Covid-19 Challenges: Strengthening The Healthcare System. November, 2021. Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town
  10. From Fossil Fuel To Renewable Energy: The Options Before Africa. November, 2021. Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town 
  11. The Challenges Of Digital Technology And The Future Of Money. November, 2021.Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town
  12. Fin Cashless Africa Conference, October 2021 Kempimski Hotel Accra, Ghana
  13. Euroknowledge Leadership And Philanthropy Round Table And Award Reception, October 2021, House Of Lords, London Uk 
  14. Africa-Uae Trade And Investment Summit, Dubai, Uae, September, 2021
  15. Nigeria International Petroleum Summit (Partnership), Abuja 2019.
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